Digital "GoGame" Scavenger Hunt
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You've heard all the rage with Pokemon Go and it's arrival to HK couldn't more timely with brand new digital scavenger hunt is coming to Hong Kong and YOU are INVITED to try it out!

The 60secs teaser...

...One part hi-tech scavenger hunt, two parts Amazing Race, with a dash of Hong Kong's Got Talent and Trivial Pursuit. . . teams head out to the game zone to score points, take on challenges, and have a blast! Guided by our custom smartphone app, your team will embark on a series of team-building challenges that call for communication, problem solving and creativity: Location-based, actor planted, creative, and head to head missions. Players will be prompted to take photos and videos throughout their team-building adventure, which will be voted on in a live judging presentation at the end of the game!

Hope to see you there!
GoGame HK & 1+1 Team